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What do LDS women get?
But every chance to shine
Endowed with spiritual gifts
As God’s daughters, divine


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We’ve a cause to have courage
A reason to stand strong
The gospel is a privilege
It feels our hearts with song

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A woman is life and beauty
For her best virtues, we are hungry
When she falls, there is much undoing
As her loveliness becomes tawdry

Gaudy and cheap in nature or appearance. See Synonyms at gaudy1. 2. Shameful or indecent: tawdry secrets. n. Cheap and gaudy finery

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Our nature
Was planted, divine
To nurture,
Share light, and refine

  1. Sheri L. Dew – Motherhood | Seek by Deseret Book


    Nov 22, 2011 – Motherhood defines our very identity, our divine stature and nature, and  B. Hinckley stated that “God planted within women something divine” 

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The offering of flesh
And life giving blood
Sent selflessly to bless
What lies as a bud

Spirit then to come
And enter therein
A child to become
Soon independent

Motherhood is formed
Midst the dividing of cells
Through love it is flamed
Life warmly within swells

Life, safely preserved
In a protective womb
With water reserved
For the babe to bloom

Naught else can compare
To the love of our Savior
Laboring to bare
That all our sins be paid for

The load became so heavy
He sweat great drops of blood
Then, He gave up His body
That rebirth burst, a flood

Of flesh and blood, in Him
We now can be reborn
To feel His love within
I’ve thanks for all He bore

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Visiting friends
I have known all my life
Their influence lends…

Renewed hope to strive

I grew up loving many of these women.

  Great Quotes from Great Women Movie: Included within are women from all walks of life. Their passion and persistence have advanced womanhood and the world. These are lives and words worth remembering.

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This book is awesome, ladies of all ages!

Ladies you are
Of royalty.
Bright to go far,
You’ve charity.

Of all the rare things of worth
Sweetly found upon the earth
It is you I choose to treasure
Your value is beyond measure


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