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What do LDS women get?
But every chance to shine
Endowed with spiritual gifts
As God’s daughters, divine


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In the Heavens there is order
Which we are linked to here on earth
Men hold the priesthood of our Father
While women are vessels for spirits’ birth

A fetus lays in water
Until the process of birth
The spirit enters later
As the babe takes the first breath

The mother, then to nurture
And the father to provide
For the conscience to mature
Till what’s holy will reside

Where baptism becomes the way
Back to our Father above
Born of water and spirit this day
To then be cleansed in His blood

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Hi I’m Kelly | Mormon | 2SQM

Why don’t women hold the priesthood in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? How do Mormon women lead in the Church?

Kelly answered…
I have been pondering how women and men are different and how the priesthood relates to this. I think of a loving heavenly Father putting a perfect plan in place for us to come to know Him. For us to need each other and to serve each other so home can be a little bit of heaven on earth. 

 Men hold the priesthood, yes.
To be the hands and voice of God.
 Not to control but to bless 
As a vehicle of service to all.

Women bear, nurture, and school 
Teaching children their worth. 
Her divine role is beautiful 
As a vessel, she is fruitful. 

 The man cannot bless himself 
Nor can the woman “do it all.” 
Each are in need of the others help 
To fulfill their parental call.

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