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A woman of virtue, soon to be wed
Sat by a small lamp braiding her hair
And while weaving, entranced she said,
“Past. Present. Future.”… all three to share

The lamp was ancient and called for oil
Of which she received a drop at a time
For the groom to be was the Lord, royal
And only in goodness can the lamp shine!

When You Save a Girl, You Save Generations
Home. LDS.org · Broadcasts; When You Save a Girl, You Save Generations It is an honor for me to address the valiant young women of the Church. Megan explained that the braid represented the weaving of this young woman’s virtuous life …. may be woven into the lives of many generations—past, present, and future.   Mary N. Cook  


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Tenderly, I held you
When you came to be
Watching, I was there too
For your name and blessing

You wore a little dress
All lacy and white
And I must confess
You have grown up right

Here, now, sitting
Inside the sealing room
With a chandelier lighting
You are a brilliant bloom

Kneeling at the alter
Making promises
Unto Heavenly Father
Amidst witnesses

In a mirror before, then
With your eternal companion by your side
You both speak of those in heaven
And those awaiting this earth time

Oh, the wondrous beauty of
Each woman found with virtue
Precious spirits wait above
These guardians of the future

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