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The Winds Blow

The winds blow
Softly with new snow
To remind me
I am not alone

A lone leaf
Drops and sails away
All too soon
It will decay

Now the tree
Looks ever barren
Just like me
Without sweet Karen

My small child
Is ever distant
From my reach
Gone in an instant

Can she know
How much I miss her?
Her voice now
Like a whisper

I see her
Dancing and singing
Her laughter
Sweetly ringing

Reminds me of her
What can life offer?

My heartaches
With emptiness
My heart breaks
With weariness

But a thought
Grows within me
She’s not lost
For God set her free

Like the wind
May she pass by
To dry my tears
When here I cry

Or with snow
She can send me
Her kisses
Ever so gently

Dedicated to the handful of people who have come to my blog looking for a poem about losing a child. And stayed to read poem after poem. Looking for some comfort and perhaps words to express their loneliness. My son had a seizure and stopped breathing as a young child and I thought if he died – that would be it and I’d be motherless because we were having trouble getting pregnant. As a mother of a small child the bond is incredibly close. I’ll never forget that feeling. Everything turned out okay and we went on to have another. But, I can’t imagine the pain of losing a child.


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I Had a Dream Long Ago

I had a dream
Long ago
Of what Id seen
I still know

There was a knock
On my door
“Come take a walk”
A voice implored

It was a man
Dressed in white
I took his hand
Into the night

Above the street
I saw a star
It made a streak
And burst afar

And then I too
Shot out of sight
In fact we flew
Into a light

I saw some scenes
Flash before me
My life and dreams
My memory

Could this be death?
I felt my face
I took a breath
My heart did race

I saw my son
Whom Id not seen
Since he was one
And so I leaned

My arm reached out
It was so real
I gave a shout
The sound was shrill

The baby smiled
He was so small
So still and mild
Then- not at all

The scene went blank
I was falling
And my heart sank
I stopped calling

Surely, Id die
When I landed
For the trip down
Id been stranded

Instead- a jerk
I was in bed
My eyes did perk
I was not dead!

For thirty years
Id not seen Jim…
Gone were my fears
Id forget Him

And now each night
Amidst my tears
That knock so light
I pray to hear

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