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Moving, slowly, kneeling
Falling forward on His face
He cried Father, Abba!
Wishing His pain be erased
While suff’ring for the human race

If it were possible
He would the cup be removed
Suffering in agony
He drank it up. God approved
Giving thanks. I am deeply moved

Is it any wonder
We think of Him, reverently?
Being prone to wander
To commit sin, and misdeeds
We follow Him, where’er He leads

we declare our wonder
Our faith and adoration
Holding oaths we’re under
We pledge our dedication
And look to Him for salvation

In The Garden of Gethsemane
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
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He shouldered all alone
The burden of salvation
His it was to atone
And exalt our lowly station

Through divine withdrawl
His supportive circle closed
This central to His travail
He died for us… and arose

Alone, He stood by us through death
Now, we must each stand by Him,
Learn His laws, and do them
That His circle grow and widen

Jeffrey R. Holland
None Were With Him

pondering further I changed the middle and would like comments:

With our sins- came divine withdrawl
Separation from God was imposed
This central to His travail
The veil’s supportive circle closed

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To you of sacred splendor
I join the angels and say, “thank you!”
For all you do for the Lord
In bringing His gospel unto view

Because of you, I pledge anew
To be more faithful, kind, devoted
More charitable, and true
That as His servant, I’ll be noted

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
Because of Your Faith
Ensign, November 2010,

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The seeds of alienation
In a marriage once sweet
Came through the education
Of traps set to mind sweep

Through the click of a mouse
The adversary extends coverage
For temptations to douse
With lust as the leverage

At the root of this evil
Is an attempt to destroy
Roles given male and female
That can be holy to enjoy

With open hands and hearts
Love reaches out and up
But when the opposite starts
Self-indulgent- there’s not enough

Like thieves in the night
Lust is a cesspool of perceptions
Clandestine to ignite
If one succumbs to its deceptions

Run- fast to get away
Give no place for this sin
Continually for mercy- pray
With God, it’s a battle you can win

Filter out all that does pull
Seek help and watch your step
The spirit can be made dull
If your covenants are not kept

Ask for a priesthood blessing
Plea for angels while you pray
Picture your loved ones- this I’m stressing
As their images oft save the day

Fill your home with all that’s good
With art, music, and literature
And know God’s laws are best understood
When you keep yourself lit, clean, and pure

Remember the temple arms you with power
As there are symbols you take home with you
That glory might be about hour by hour
Midst angels sent to protect too

Ever think of Christ
Who has born all our griefs
Who has carried our sorrows
And can heal us as Light greets

Every time that we transgress
We hurt not only those we love
But Him who so dearly loves us
And saves us for heaven above

Give no place for the enemy
Who would to destroy your soul
Be pure as we were meant to be
And let fidelity be your goal

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
Place No More for the Enemy of My Soul
2 Nephi 4:12
Ensign, May 2010, 44

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The ways of the people had become horrid
Fire would soon rain upon Sodom and Gomorrah
Yet God chose to save one family- Lot and his wife
And warned them to flee and “escape for thy life”

“Lest thou be consumed, Look not behind thee!”
But, Lot’s wife took these words too lightly
For she loved these cities to a fatal fault
And turned into a pillar of salt

With, still, an attachment to the past
Her confidence in the future did not last
We, too, should only look back to claim bright embers
From the glowing faith that one remembers

For faith is always pointed forwards
As to the future, one moves towards
There to rise above all that’s ended
Our frailities shall then be transcended

Remember Lot’s Wife
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

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Integrity is doing the right thing
at the right time
for the right reason
At any cost

While adhering to a code of conduct
that’s eternal
and internal
Or else all is lost

For some things are worse than dying
corrupting one’s name
spreading sin’s flame
Being spiritually flawed

Thus, we should find time for prayer
trusting in His kind care
sharing all that we bear
Becoming complete with God!

A cadet will not lie, cheat, or steal
Or tolerate those who do
As to do so there will be no appeal
Being expected to always be true

Jason Swensen
Elder Holland Addresses West Point Cadets
LDS Church News 5/7/2010

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Thou, the giver of our salvation
We vow our all for dedication
And as once in loneliness Thou did atone
We vow that Thou shalt never again be alone

None Were With Him
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
April 2009 conference
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