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Before we came to this earth
Heavenly Father presented His plan
Continuing as from the first
Agency would be given to man

Knowing it would be easy to sin
A Savior would then be provided
Suffering for all who’d repent
But … to follow this plan not all decided

For, saying He could do better than that
Lucifer guaranteed each man’s return
Taking away agency was where he was at
As also for his own glory he yearned

Then Jesus, the beloved and chosen son
Exercised His agency to say,
“Heavenly Father, thy will be done,
and the glory be thine forever to stay

Now, because Lucifer’s rebelled
A spiritual conflict ensued
A third of heaven chose to be exiled
Desiring to follow Satan instead

Today their only power is to tempt and try us
And our safety is to obey God’s commandments
As on this earth, we still follow Jesus
Giving thanks for His perfect life spent

Throughout His life our Savior showed us
How to return to our Father above
As through faith, forgiveness, mercy, and trust
Even His enemies He prayed for with love

In Gethsemane, He chose to suffer all things
That if we would repent we would not have to
We recognize the peace that obedience brings
Thus we consecrate our lives in all we do

Whenever we choose to follow Christ
We are on a planned path of progress
The end of the journey is eternal life
Thus when we sin, we repent and confess

It is not always easy to return to the path
But we have the Holy Ghost as our guide
To the end, let us each devote all that we hath
That with our families, in heaven, we’ll reside

Let us hearken to our prophet’s counsel
And attend to our children’s spiritual growth
That our home life will liberate them from darkness
To not fear opposition where ever they may go

Let us learn to heed the Spirit’s voice
And follow Christ with more exactness
That we’ll come to know Him, to one day rejoice
And kneel before Him and thank Him for His actions

Then let us anticipate our reunion
With our Father who dwells in heaven above
And thank Him for His decision
To give us the gift of agency with love

Elder Robert D. Hales
Agency: Essential to the Plan of Life


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Concerning the agency of man
Our Father presented His plan
A design true… and grand

One… offered a guarantee
Not through choice but of forcing
In deceit, it was a plan… to cheat!

For, no one would suffer in sin
Truth be told, he’d have naught to win
And 1/3 of the host went with him

Each spirit was given to decide
Satan took to war for his side
Causing the heavens to divide

Those being cast out came first
To never receive a body… the worst
As… for our own, how they thirst

We each have come with the chance
To mark our own path of existence
And over come temptations with persistence

Through a veil, there’s light guiding our return
Discerning… as in us the spirit does burn
There to discover for ourselves how to self-govern

Each of us have come of a mother
To learn much through trial and error
And gain experiences like no other

Free to choose good or evil
While remembering, still, who will prevail
For our Father’s plan will not fail!

This comes of a sure knowledge
We’ve a Savior, of the purest
Who has brought to man God’s fullest

There is order here on this earth
Our lives have purpose, we’re of worth
And we will, in fact, rise to a new birth!

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There is a God
He has a plan
It sheds abroad
Unto all man

Each in their own way
Have a path unto Him
And when we’ve faith to pray
Heaven’s windows do open

It is a journey
That all can afford
Ever so humbly
Because of the Lord

May we follow His path
And walk in His ways
There to do as He asks
For all of our days…

We are filled with great love
For God, self, and man
When we read what’s from above
And accept covenants at hand

Line upon line
And precept on precept
We make use of our time
And learn how laws are kept

On this earth where we turn
Christ’s light is a golden rule
Upon which to center and learn
Unto love… for this life is our school

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The Christmas bells
Sound as one tells
Of our dear Lord
And how He’s adored

Come hear them ring
And too with them sing
Now lift up your voice
And join to rejoice

That each with ear
Might anew hear
And spread the joy
Here to enjoy

May we sing Merry Christmas
And share that our Lord is ever just
That He is the gift for all mankind
With none forgotten or left behind

He who has paid for each man at cost
Will speak to each soul that all is not lost
This is our time to give Him our heart
And pray that His blessings might to us impart

May we serve Him and through Him do our best
To overcome evil and thus pass the test
May we give thanks to God above for His plan
And too give thanks for the salvation of man

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Infant is a slightly more formal term for the word baby, the youngest category of child. The term “infant” derives from the Latin word in-fans, meaning “unable to speak.” “Infant” is also a legal term with the (quite different) meaning of minor; that is, any child under the age of legal adulthood. A human infant less than a month old is a newborn infant or a neonate[1]. The term “newborn” includes premature infants and postmature infants, as well as full term newborns.

To start over is a scarey thing
To be an infant all over again
Would we submit and come to being?
Would we stay premortal rather than?

To leave our Heavenly parents for new
From life of bliss to one of helplessness
To be small and uncomfortable, too
Here, to place trust while we are speechless…

Perhaps, at the start, we felt unsure
And spent every moment to prepare
Perhaps we gained faith that we’d endure
By watching mothers give their kind care

Can a mother be one, by random?
Can the father who gave of his seed?
For them both, we left what was grandsome
From them, we have our earth life indeed

Our kind wise Heavenly Father
Placed a veil here so we would not grieve
So all our past growth would not bother
Our progress here and need to believe

What is learned by having a body?
Perhaps to become closer to God?
Would He that we treat it as shoddy?
Or compare and put on a facade?

Our spirits do not depreciate
We can not go back or start over
So we should learn and appreciate
All we’ve been given to discover

There is a plan that’s been put in place
To return to God in unity
We’ve a Savior, our sins He’ll erase
Pray we take the opportunity

When our sins become overwhelming
What should we then do as our first move?
Give remorse its place for delving
Corrections are a way to improve

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We were all taught by Elohim,
He, the Father of our spirits
And we wanted to be like Him
To prove we’re faithful, and fully His.

We’ve unique characteristics
He designed our earth life with love
And o’ersaw all the logistics
What can we experience enough of?

With a body of cravings that grow
We would be subject to illness.
Pain, suff’ring and death we would know
On our journey t’wards Father’s fullness

We progressed as much as we could
And Lucifer rebelled the plan
He thought better of what we should
He’d forgo a body, rather than

Cast out with a third of the hosts
They spend all their time to deceive
Of their power to tempt, they do boast
Wanting to prevent what we’d receive

As part of Father’s grand design
We’d need help to learn to behave
He lit up all the earth with a sign
A light for our conscience that would save

This Light had come from our Savior
Who never strayed from all that’s right
He would condescend, though He’s pure
And teach us how to walk in the light

As part of the plan, He must die
After suff’ring for all our sins
After all temptations were denied
He’d help us return, as He ransoms

We came as a babe that was mild
Our prior existence was veiled
So that we could learn as a child
All that we prepared for and detailed

Now, our lives are not perfect
We make mistakes, and often sin
But, tools are in place to protect
Though, for some, from God’s laws they harden

As we learn to sense what is right
We become privileged to find more
Those with the Holy Ghost gain insight
And can be a light like the Savior

From our joy, we’ll share the lights warmth
As it illuminates our path
Where for everyone there is roomth
Hoping to see what the Father hath.

You make choices every day
That will keep you walking in the light

And show new faith, when there is dim sight.
For, if not you are moving away.

May you watch, may you pray
May you help others to walk in the light,

May they see you’ve a countenance bright.
Glowing with warmth to brighten the way

Henry B. Eyring
“Walk in the Light,”
Ensign, May 2008, 123–25

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The body needs sunlight, exercise, good food and rest
To protect it from diseases ravaging effects
Our spirits need nourishment to wax strong in the truth
We’ve been told to feast upon the word as though it were food

In the preexistence, our spirits learned and developed
Now on the earth we’ve bodies to which its been enveloped
The body and the spirit must each define their role
If we travel in happenstance, how do we reach our goal?

For knowledge and experience is why to earth we came
We’ve agency, for good or bad, and we’ve no one else to blame
And after this second estate, there’s much for which we’ve in store
One day, in perfect form, we’ll have forever more

But, this is not as easy as it seems, it’s a test
There’s unseen opposition that works and doesn’t need to rest
They without bodies, serve Satan, each a cast out spirit
And they’re relentless and cunning and too, desperate

For safety, we must obtain and study God’s holy record
And hold to the rod and heed the good word of the Lord
We must beware of all that’s increasingly bad
And, avoid me-ism to enjoy all that God has

Our Lord, Jesus Christ, heals and prepares us for the last day
He has led a perfect life and our ransom he has paid
He is the perfect example of what we should be here
We should strive to always have His spirit to be near

L. Tom Perry

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