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It is flat out unlawful and wrong
To say that churches do not belong
In the court room or the public square
As it is a freedom they also share

When it comes to families and moral values
Who better to help us strengthen statues
To help unite us as one under God
Preserved as a nation with freedoms for all

Let us stand firm to the standard old tradition
Of marriage as it’s been made legal by definition
Let the word remain as it has for thousands of years
And let this message open up those with opposing ears

If those that are not one woman, one man
Would like a union- let it be just that
Call it another name-the choice to be theirs
Let us move on to bigger and humbling cares

Let us consider the sanctity of life
And the responsiblity of husband and wife
Let us strengthen these homes for the children they bare
And offer our prayers, support, and kind care

Too, let us find those who would seek an abortion
And offer them hope, or at least a small portion
Let us open their eyes unto the best option
The beauty of life, family, and adoption

Let us match up the unborn ever voiceless
With couples who are mourning they are childless
Let us think long of the generations to come
And what our nation, united, can then become

“This isn’t about denying anyone rights. It’s about changing the definition of a word that carries significant doctrinal and historical significance for many people of faith. I’m all for allowing ALL people regardless of the sexual orientation the same rights as a married couple when it comes to taxation, visiting rights, inheritance law, etc. However, I stand firm on my position that the word Marriage remain the same as it has for thousands of years.
Posted by: bjsworld | February 10, 2011 7:44 PM “

“Churches of all denominations have every right to speak out on issues that are central to their beliefs without jeopardizing their tax status. That has always been true whether the issue was slavery, civil rights, gambling, temperence, war and peace or any number of other “political” issues that touch upon a communities deeply held beliefs.
Furthermore, unlike other tax-exempt organizations the tax exempt status of churches in not only derived from the internal revenue code. It is inherent in the constitutional protection of religious belief. As the Supreme Court has stated in another context, “the power to tax is the power to destroy.” Therefore churches also derive their tax exempt status from the Constitution itself.
Posted by: Rom08 | February 10, 2011 4:42 PM”



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The central message of our Lord and Brother
Is that we respect and love one another
May we urge kindness to our fellow citizens
That to wed’s Holy, for the children that it lends

And regarding those who feel same sex attraction
We’ll not be cruel or exact a harsh infraction
But, we’ll not condone or accept the worlds moral slip
As wrongful behaviors can’t be the price for good friendship

And, so with our freedom of expression, we now say
It’s time to voice our conviction and to pray
There to ask “what’s marriage according to God’s plan?”
And, “should liberty extend to a lower moral’s span?”

Then what of tradition and society’s needs
As the slippery slope grows only more with these seeds
We will need courage for the social ostracism
For if gay marriage is passed we’ll know criticism

Let’s extend love, compassion, and humility
And do what benefits social stability
Let’s gather our families and churches together
And give our best effort to serve our Elder brother

He would that we walk in faith and in purpose
And that we do what is right for God and for us
Shall the churches and states go on a collision course?
No, we’ll band as religions to become a good force

Elder Cook October 2008
Thoughts from segments of a broadcast to Californian Church members addressing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints doctrine of marriage and the Protect Marriage Coalition

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Four judges legalized same sex marriage-
From San Francisco has come disparage
For, in 2000 marriage was defined
As between a man and a woman, twas outlined

What was voted on and passed by 61%
Has to be recomposed and needs our endorsement
As world history’s sacred institution
Must be placed in our state’s constitution

Though we feel for those in sexual exclusion
To embrace their union as marriage is delusion
For our children we cannot define this as mainstream
Though gays want acceptance and higher esteem

We’ve given them all the rights of marriage
And, sadly they still fight on and dare edge
To infringe on what God has ordained
And, for their small numbers society’s more pained

But, what of our creator- who said, “Thou shalt not”?
And of our founding father’s and of all that they fought?
We’ve commandments for how we should live
And, we can’t grant things that aren’t ours to give

I feel for those of gay circumstance
I know they want romance and an equal chance
I’ve counseled them for the antibody test
And, I know that their feelings are hard to rest

Please do not call this bigotry or hate
For I am concerned about our futures fate
Let’s focus on family and build its foundation
For there lies the future of our good nation

Let’s not redefine marriage or tear it apart
But, pray for it with every depth of our heart
And unite and fight for the noblest cause
For the purest of standards of our God’s laws

I am a California kindergarten teacher and used to be a health educator and hiv antibody test counselor. I teach values and patriotism and of the pursuit, of happiness, and of the freedoms we enjoy. A 5 year old is just beginning to understand these values. I see the adjustment they go through when there is a new baby in the house or just one on the way. I can’t imagine what the confusion of these issues would add. Children deserve so much- They are precious- if only each can be raised in a home with a mom and a dad… But, if not they need the exposure of a married, loving heterosexual couple…

October General Conference, 1999
There is no justification to redefine what marriage is. Such is not our right, and those who try will find themselves answerable to God. Some portray legalization of so-called same-sex marriage as a civil right. This is not a matter of civil rights; it is a matter of morality.
Gordon B. Hinckley

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