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There’s So Much We Can Do

There’s so much we can do
If we unite in our faith
While giving service too
For the Light we then embrace


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What is Service?

What is service?
But selfless labor
For a higher purpose
The promise of more

Service is seeing
Another’s need unmet
With one’s love not fleeing
But tendered instead

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An Invitation for Service

An invitation for service
Is a call for unity
With each finding purpose
Through Christ-like charity

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Hours in the Sun

Hours in the sun
Cannot be much fun
So relieve the sweat
With a towel that’s wet

Cool someone’s brow
That is laboring
And let them know
You’re glad to do something

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Getting Things Done

It’s often said
That I am lazy
For I play dead
To make you crazy

Then… a picture of Christ
Was put on the wall
Where I oft had my eyes
When I would stall

Where before I might play possum
When there was work that was not fun
Now I see a chance to serve and blossom
And I’m the first one getting things done

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Create Something

Create something
That was naught before
For the joy it brings
To the person it’s for

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I Am Showing a Brighter Smile

I am showing a brighter smile
That another can walk that extra mile
She having journeyed well thus far
Just needs a reminder of who really we are

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